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Woman With Amputee Fetish Has No Legs

Molly Stewart (a woman amputee stump crutches devotee) people when asked my name. These days it is rare that I'm more of a prisoner in my home, preferring to remain in the ocean or the other or a lake on Wendell. Thirty-eight and still beautiful, at least I like to look at myself in the mirror. The novel falls from my hand as I drift into a nap. The afternoon is hot and the ocean is a nice breeze even calming effect on me.

Ms Estelle softly calls. She was my maid of less than one month from the left to follow some stupid dream Louise abroad.

I stirred, and then across to look a little scary. "Yes?" I call on not yet fully awake. Use only an unbuttoned denim shirt now covered on each side of me, the struggle to sit down. "Give me a hand, please," I hold my hand.

It is the cup and saucer on the table and help. "I am impressed by how you deal with not having the legs. You rarely need help. "

I laugh at myself. "Yes." Sometimes I find myself in an uncomfortable position. "I laugh again.

"Excuse me ...." Estelle pauses and looks at me with one arm propping seated behind me.


It is a bit straight with the feet and hands clasped together closely at the front. "I know my position and I should not be treated as a, ah, man. Do you mind if I ask about your legs? "

"It's a good day, huh? Scanning the length of empty white sand and turquoise waters. I look back slowly among women younger than me. She is tall, long bare legs, with a firm body slim khaki shorts and tight black t-shirt tight against bare nipples erect, and very attractive. "No I do not mind ... unless it is mercy." Smirk I frown. "I ask the nature of your interest? Do you find me so attractive, maybe you want to be in this way. "I smile and point to the chair beside the sofa where I sit.

It repositions the president, as he is in front of me. Who can move my left leg over the right foot and allows it to swing gently a few times before leaving the sandal fall to the ground. A small cough and throat with their own hands and moving in turn. "Ah," she Stammers to collect his thoughts. "I think we must be honest. Yes, I find you very beautiful and its lack of legs is strangely exciting to me. After meeting for the first time in the interview, I probably would have worked for free just to be near at home. " She laughs nervously and becomes silent.

"Am I first?"

"First cut? Yes, you are the first I've ever met. In college, there is one, a high when I was freshman, but I only saw twice a little distance. "

"It was missing both legs?"

"Yes." I do not know why I never made an effort to talk to him. Maybe I was too shy. Anyway, I was not. A woman in the church when I was young, I had one leg and walked with crutches. I will never forget how it seems that if he moved on gracefully. My mother does not talk to me about him and a few later Sunday, the woman stopped attending. "

"Since we are honest ...." I giggle." Have you ever thought that this would be missing a leg ... maybe both legs? "She shakes her head and turns of the presidency. His foot movements a bit faster for a moment and his chest swells, and he takes a deep breath." Really? "I ask you, rather than reassuring me that I think about what you say.

"I hope you do not think I'm crazy." She re-crosses his right leg on top and the other fell at his feet sandal. A moment later, and half will be held again with his left foot in this context. "Sorry, this is an area that I never discussed with anyone. I guess that is something that I felt a dark side of myself. Their questions are, I think we can understand. "She relaxes a little and let your body fall by chance on the chair with one leg folded under the time.

"The fact that I am almost naked bother you?" I laugh as I touch my hips and move to a chair because it is "No, it'sa little more comfortable. Sometimes my back hurts." I laugh again and adjust my shirt, leaving the bulk of my presentation. "I guess not." She smiles at me and smile back Estelle. Atteindre slap on the hand and lying on the table, then take the cup of tea and fun.

"I had a boyfriend who was a nudist." She sighs. "We want to go camping with others. It's great. "

"What happened to him?"

"One night, after a great sex in particular, I ask you if you still love me if I lose my legs." The conversation was down as soon as I confess about my needs. We separated a few days later without ever tell me. Is that why you're not married? "

"Sid died a few years ago."

"Oh, sorry. In college, I, um, experimented with my fourth."

"I guess that's one." She smiles at me as if I do not care. "

"Yes-h," she Drawls.

"Did you like more than the nude?"

"It would be difficult to compare. It is different. I think I have no choice. There were others, but I've never really been all this time with a person of their sex. "

"I've known," she whispered, almost embarrassed. "I lived in Georgia for a year before I met Sid. I had the legs. I did not know. I doubt that would have understood. "

And Sid?

"Oh yeah-h-h". I leave the floor to slide forever. "Sure." I giggle and smile. "Sure." I laugh.

"Is this the way it was amputated leg?"

"I suppose it is obvious from the direction of the conversation."


"Internet, what would life be without it?" I laugh and I take tea. "A group of citations I fell link to amputees and people who wanted to be with them ... and after a month of my team to Georgia stealth not catch me, I receive a message from Sid Mon profile was simple - women want to be without legs. I never thought it would be interesting for anyone. Oh, I saw and read all sorts of articles about people who want this kind of thing, many men gays. I do not know why I should be the only authorized that feeling, but I guess that's how I felt. "

"So, you leave everything. Good for you. "This pumps his arm with his hand in a fist.

"Well, yes. That's all Sid could talk and I was awakened by listening. ... We appreciated each other and at night. "I snicker." I moved with him ... one month after leaving my job, moved here. "

"And the legs?"

"Shortly after, he flew in his private jet to a clinic in Asia. We rented a large villa warm tropical winds and bright young people to help organizations at all whims." I laugh as I think of the experience. "Wow." I open my eyes and see Estelle. "Sometimes I forget everything that was wonderful. I know that most people do not feel that way about the loss of his legs ... it is special for me."

"The two most legs?"

"Yes." There are only a few centimeters of the femur to help maintain the shape of my hips. "

"Go-w," she groans. After a moment of silence, he asked: "More tea?

"Please." I look at his foot in the house, and then absorb the views of the ocean and the beach. I pull my chair against the door of my chair and hips into the mattress. As he lands, rolls the wheelchair to a few centimeters and reposition me. I pull the shirt button closed, and then roll over the center button, near the bridge.

"Nice in a wheelchair. I like the color yellow."

"I find it hard to choose the color. There was a dark blue which was nice."

"I could go on a dark green unless you have a President of titanium. I think that for a chair, but painted.

As she speaks, she moves to the terrace, down time with me. I put my arm around his waist, and then tap it arrives in my hand to make every effort to remove it. "It's a beautiful day, huh?" The hand on mine now by pressing firmly against the side after leaving the fingers interlaced.

I am not saying for a while, just enjoy the new friendship. "Thank you" to say finally that if his side a light rubbing with my fingers.

"I do not claim ...." begins.

I cut the sound shushing. "I do not want that there is no presumption. Sometimes I feel alone. I guess that's one of those times. I miss the contact." My fingers continue to massage his side for one minute more and remove my arm. I ride at the table and enjoy my tea in the search for Estelle. I heard your foot in the house. I slip my wheelchair and crawl to the edge of the pool after diving in.


I know that this requires conversation. It does not mean next week. I chose to let the next step. My life is comfortable, even if they have simply ceased contact. I do not know where this idea came to ignore. Today, I wear a short skirt and shirt that I lean against the railing, with a strong breeze blowing from the earth while watching my hair a couple of seagulls diving for fish in the water.

"This freedom, she whispers as Estelle leans against the railing next to me and watch seagulls. Then raises his hand on my shoulder in a strangely familiar. Demeure in the same place for a while." Sorry, "at she moans as she takes his hand.

"Okay dear." I use the word in a more informal way that many people and I understand. His hand returns to the same place, but we remain silent.

"I thought a lot about the last week of the conversation," she says, and finally removed his arm and turned to face me. Idle. "Forgive me, but ...." She turned towards the sea, his hands on the railing, looking calm and as if in another place.

I speak from my wheelchair to see. "The amputee things, things that lesbians, or simply talk about such things?

"Yes." He pauses. "All of it. I'm just an employee of yours. I should not think about mixing work and friendship." She turns and walks into the house. I look. At the door, she turns. "Perhaps I should find another place of work." She turns and murmurs: "I will be in my room for a while, then disappears into the house.

"Stay," I say gently do not know if listening. It rose from view. "Let me help you. Let me help you too."


Estelle lives in the house. A roof tile lodge connects the main house. I can see on the cover of my dorm. I'm enjoying knowing who is there. Louise has been effective, professional, but never someone I can connect in a personal way. There were other aids, like Louise. I do not know why Estelle is different. One night, I'm sitting in my chair watching the light from his window to ask what she could do. After a sleep and a glass of whiskey, I'm going to bed myself and pleasure into a deep sleep.

I woke up and discovered naked in the morning to fill my room. I stretch my arms and body while enjoying the way to wake up nothing in my past the hips.

"Morning," she says, because it carries a tray with a cup of coffee for me.

Each time I run a hand in propping an elbow. "How do you soft, I co.

It is on the tray table and bed with his head down. "I did not sleep well last night. I took my first drink. "

I'm standing pat and the sheet. "Say:" I instructed. My hand continues until the model is seated at my side. "It's not like you have not seen naked." I giggle and drink the liquid black, while the other proposal, I do not really. I'm back in the cup and his eyes. "What's wrong?" I go there and stroke her long hair in the back several times.

"Ah, I, I ..." he Stammers. "Shit," she mutters. She lays her hand against the small of my back and her lips, just in front of me. A moment later, not lose contact and adhesion. His hand on my chest and kneads his loan. I lost my balance and fall into bed together. "Did you need this," she moans, and then our mouths consume each other. I nod, without losing touch of their lips.

Sid is the last kiss and breastfeed my hips without legs. Her lips turn students voluntarily explore and kissed the scars without objection. Their fingers with my toys, my clitoris, with the formation of moisture. Flex my waist, I pushed the hand against me. She knows what I demand and fulfill their fingers at me. "Oh-h," I regret very hard each time the thumb of my clit rollers this title. I walk beside him, just pressure. "Oh-h", and I regret roar. Twenty-two months has been since I was with Sid, twenty-two months since he was with anyone. It is a great moors. "Oh-h. Oh-h," I grunt Estelle reassuring to know that I am very happy. I feel my breath coming with difficulty. I cry. I groan. Strange groans float over my mouth. Then wrap your lips around my clitoris. "Oh God, d!" I drawl.

It is noon, according to the clock and press our naked bodies together. I hear your soft breathing, his hips and to my birthplace. I look at her beautiful face and kissable lips let sleeping. I fall asleep again.


The year has been good. Miro Estelle muleta while the French opened the patio doors. The bathing suit of one piece high cut, one on each hip with slices of tissue like most leagues through their nipples done little to cover her beautiful body. I like the way it reveals the almost total absence of leg during his left hip. Our new housekeeper Julie continues with a tray with two glasses of iced tea. It is in the drawer of the table and go home with a slight movement of the head. I know there is a smile on his face, because she does not understand.

Estelle looks and language kiss me roll around my mouth. "Te quiero", blowing around his tongue in my mouth.

I caress the sofa cushion and is installed, as he clearly states his crutches on the floor.

"How can I ever thank you?" she whispers as her finger through my chest partially covered by denim work shirt that I wore that day, it all started. "I am pleased that it can be taken with you."

I hope you have enjoyed this story about the woman amputee stump crutches fetish.


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