Monday, February 9, 2009

Amputee Fetish Woman Begs To Have Leg Amputated

Erica Cranston (who has a woman amputee stump crutches fetish) sits on the table for discussion by Dr. David Madison in the room, there is nothing between them. The door is closed. Hand nervously unstable knees. He sits down on a stool, legs crossed, one hand holding his chin as a listener. Used for the conversation now. This is not the first who met him. It is not a list of Margaret had sent her. It is larger than the others were. Gray hair gives him a distinguished appearance. Is high, slender, athletic and beautiful.

"All my life," she responds to slide their hands into the upper thighs by pulling the skirt with them. For now, they are seeking. Other. Just in case it is difficult to see, stretching your legs a little more. She sees squirm and breathe deeply.

"Ah, what do I use to make a diagnosis?" Consistent with its position in the feces, presumably to give more space in their pants erection.

"You can not just use a different patient pathology reports? Need to amputate the leg and I'm tired of making appointments ... tired of everyone willing to help me."

"Well-l-l". The word still spreads. Still sitting on the stool, leaning back against the wall and the changes that came into the leg. Crossing his arms against his chest. A few fingers pulling his chin. The view under the skirt which is increasingly visible and continues to draw, it diverts your attention to the conversation.

"Shame on you," she teases.

"Ah, no." Falls of the hand and sits down again.

She lifted the edge of the skirt at the waist to expose itself fully. "Nice, huh?" The other watch. It has even done more than watch. Erica is ready to do anything to have her left leg amputated.

"Yes," says what it suggests.

She left the foot rest against his stomach and back rests against a light. Drag your language through the upper lip. "Touch it ... if you want." Her voice is velvety smooth and sensual. She looks directly into the eyes. "You, right?"

Drawing of a foot, you get closer to the chair. His white coat brushes against his knee when he stopped. "The surgery ...." He pauses and touches the inside of his thigh just above the knee. "Some people are quite well afterwards." Finger is marked invisible.

"Superior," she whispers. "Much higher." His finger is still marked in the same place. She takes his hand and moves several inches below the top of your thigh. She made a new brand with the same finger. "Here."

"Probably would not be able to use a prosthesis."

"I do not want." It takes over.

The finger of the filling. It blows to the extent thereof, more than any cock. I never felt something like this would fill with one finger. She took his wrist. It blows fun at first, then in pain. She can not pull your hand away. Seen. It is only through his lab coat and surgical mask. Positions itself at the foot of the table for consideration. "I would be happy to remove both legs." Slide your finger to give him his space to insert his tail. "It is wonderful to see without legs." His head swings from left to right while listening to his words. It opens his mouth. Nothing comes. His mouth is the word NO. It is unable to force the word immediately. Feel your weight on it. It is then spread their legs to lift, to wrap his feet against her back. nothing moves. "They are gone now. Do not be without you like legs? He feels his horse, being filled with cock. Is enormous, many times. Takes minutes each time that seems endless. Everyone has their time, even if at least one orgasm, often more. She tries to caress his face. His left hand did not move. The right hand also. "They left," she says.

Erica feels like a right to hunt, naked in the darkened room. In his guise of cold sweat. The fan turns slowly. The cool night breeze fleet curtains. She turns to the heights of the foot bed.

"Wow!" it groans, it ensures that the leg is really gone and nothing else. It has been several years since the amputation. The dream is a strange amalgam of physicians who were approached. She had the dream before. She knows well. His fingers touched the few inches of thigh of left leg. Roll the soft flesh of the palm of the final qualifying for the results. Finger curls nipple of a breast and you can drive a sigh from his lips.

It turns left foot falling on the ground after jumping to the table a short distance from the bed. She goes to a blank page and click on the tip of the pen display.

Tuesday - woke up thinking about David.

Then, place the pen at an angle on the page is tilted back and his fingers interlaced behind the head. "Yes," he says aloud to his constituency, the breasts of his chest in turn with his right leg, slim long contrary to the short stump beside him. His foot rests on the edge of the desk. Wiggle your toes. Last thought of the places far from being overcome.


Joanne front of the upper arm Erica. "Poor woman," whispered looking away from a little old woman walking on crutches with one leg below the hem of the dress was soft yellow.

Erica feels his breath on the end of the last point against his cheek. It explores the area until they saw the woman leaving the bank across the street half a block. It seems long enough to remember the images of the oscillation between the foot crutches because the woman entered the intersection.

Press the shoulders together. "Poor woman, Joanne whispers again. His hand still against Erica arm, as if she could flee. It would be following the woman if she was alone. Erica Joanne is still waiting to see the woman. Quickly, it is not wanting to miss a single step. "What do you think happened?" Joanne asked.

"Probably asked for a paper cut", as Erica continues to ridicule the woman stops by pressing the button on the post for the walk signal. "Do not walk right?"

"It's impolite."


Joanne frowns watching Erica. "To believe that he wanted to be this way." Smiling, turns its attention to women, always waiting in the intersection. "She does not do well. Have you ever had to use crutches?

"Some. I do not care. "

"Oh God, I did! East for a week because of a sprained ankle, but it is horrible."

"But you knew it was only for a week, at least for a short duration and not always ... then you've probably never had the time to learn to do good or to develop the muscles that allow you to do well. " The light changes and crutches, the woman on the other side of the intersection. "Just watch it. Thank you for this at the time. Look. It is great."

"Erica, I think we are almost up." Joanne laughs and lets slip his hand until your arm is the hand for a moment before falling. Erica sighed once more as she begins to breathe. Both continue to watch until the woman is out of sight.

"Is not it impressive? If I had one leg and walked with crutches, I hope I can be that lucky."

"I doubt that ever need to have a single leg. Are still up for lunch?"

"I hope we can get a sidewalk table.

"Why, so you can see?" Joanne smiled and pulled the hand of Erica.

The destination is the Palm, lunch spot of the hip in the next block of Elm. At two in the afternoon lunch crowd has long gone. As Eric Petit, the hostess seats at a table in the shade along the sidewalk.

"Are you happy?" Joanne asked sarcastically while pulling in his chair noisily. She crosses her legs and left foot swing back and forth. The heel of the shoe slightly Dangles the toes of the foot swinging. Flipping open the menu eyes nervously between the bounce of the page and Erica's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Ah, work. Connie was a little bitch this morning. It is just crazy." His finger is always an entry in the menu as he says. "I hate most of my colleagues." She turned the page and then change again. "I guess you do the old standby, the bacon cheeseburger.

"It looks good." Erica closes the menu and looking in the empty building across the street to play the mental video of the woman on crutches.

"Land of Erica," Joanne said, shaking his hand before the face of Erica. She smiles and laughter.

Erica turns his head slowly. "What?"

"You were in another place ... thinking of that woman, eh?"

"Are you, like women ...? Are you a shot out of bed because it has only one leg? It was very good ... although I thought. "

"¡Oh mi. ¿Estás listo para cambiar los equipos? Joanne laughs, and bites into the burger. The celebration of the burger again, it looks Erica. "I keep saying that there is a chill in my bed, if you are". She laughs, and bites the burger again.

"Sometimes they offer is tempting. Jack is not much more to come. I thought I would ...." Erica becomes silent and takes the first bite of hamburger after sips of tea in the ice.

"Good head? But how to find the favor?" There is a slight glimmer in his voice. It takes the language through her lips. "Now that's what's so great about the two women in bed."

"I'll take the word for him ... at this time. "She laughs." He was right. "

"The time huh? Does this mean that you two are not a problem?"

Erica shakes her head, she felt a bit like the tone of his voice when he yelled at her and hit his fist against the wall the other night. The way we hit the door as he left. How the phone rang, as she never expected to call and apologize. She knew it was over. She told him something he has never understood and can not take it.

Joanne and reached over the hand rests on the hand of Erica. "Hey, we've been friends for several years. You can talk about anything. What? "Erica looking smile disappeared replaced by a blank look. Soon, a tear begins to form and dab with the tip of his hand." Is this something to do with this woman amputee? Joanne Erica watches eyes, floating slightly as she caresses his hand.

Erica shook her head knowing that you can not talk about their feelings. Images of the reaction of Jack flash back, but the head. It has the blank stare at the plate. "No," which finally whisper. "Thank you for your attention." Straightens in her chair. "Thanks for lunch." She took the controls and take a credit card from his wallet.

"Let me. You paid last time."


"Well, I guess I must run. I'll be late for a meeting. "

"I must spend some time. I'm going to refill my iced tea." Erica watches Joanne foot and allows the rest of the straw between his lips. His eyes drift along the sidewalk, knowing that it has no women. She wants. The server poured more tea and Erica déchire another bag of sugar in the glass. Half an hour later, Erica running the restaurant.


Erica is on the desktop. A glass of Merlot, is at the corner of the desk. It looks at the blank page and violins with stylus in the rotation of your fingers. It allows half of the glass in his mouth so that it reflects both. Erica wrote in his diary.

Thursday - saw a woman with one leg while walking on the sidewalk using crutches - thank you. Joanne did not know. I did not say.

The pen is set at an angle of the page and sips of wine. "Yes, it is beautiful," whispered aloud to herself and is ready for another roll of softness in your language. Unbuttons his shirt and pushed her hand, despite the size of jeans find their skin naked. Looking at the slideshow of pictures of amputee women dance across the computer screen, so your fingers between his legs dance.

The glass is empty and orgasm more, took the pen. An end taps against his lips and then she began to write.

Damn those feelings overwhelm me. They always, but now, consumption of standby time. Never

She stops pending and it is more than pouring wine in glass, the fourth time tonight. Unbuttoned blouse falls next to the chair before taking another sip of wine. Dropped against the last two words and write.

These feelings have been a part of me from infancy. Where they came from, I have no idea. I began to seek a solution. What type of solution is there? How do I find it?

The pen rests again and let slip the long jeans on his legs. Intensification of the bottle and takes walks naked but obscured the house. Coated with the wine of the lips, tongue clean towels, and covered again. "Damn," groaned loudly supported by the arms of the kitchen and the head of them. Who hit his fist against the marble. "Shit."


The fan turns slowly on top. Only the computer screen illuminates the room. Erica heart pounds, said the new e-mail Margaret. This is what she calls herself. Who knows if the person is he or she was telling the truth or simply get their jollies at your expense?

Hi Erica, sorry, you encounter such problems. I enjoyed our exchange of e-mail a few weeks. Here are the four names of doctors who might be willing to help. I asked the doctor who amputated the leg and is unable to assist you or anyone else. After I feel a chance to practice medicine. Margaret.

Erica fan can wash the breeze on her naked body for a moment, because it absorbs what you just read. She walks to the printer and leads to the page with the e-mail, a photo of Margarita with his stump exposed and addresses of doctors in the kitchen. Pour a small amount of whiskey into a glass and wash the mouth with a brown liquid was dropped through his throat. "Ah-h," she blows the burning begins to disappear. Five other swig and returns to bed.


"Yes, Margaret Schmidt. Do not know?" Erica is in the small examination room of the second on the list. It took two months to see Dr. Alfred Barlow, vascular surgeon and plastic. She looks again at the man. Ladies, the elderly, gray hair, good features, inspiration, all the qualities of a person you want in a surgeon.

"You need a leg amputated. Why?" That changes in his chair and his hands to examine your thigh and knee.

This is a question that she asked a million times. I had no answer for how it will respond. "All my life I need for amputation. I can not go on this journey."

His hand rests on her knees and lets you leave the other slightly. He looks along the inner thigh on the side of that is increasingly visible. Smile. She also.

"Maybe below the knee. It can lead to a successful leg in this way. It would be less disabling." He continues to look under the skirt as she speaks. "This beautiful woman ... Why are you lame?

"I do not think that way."

"How do you think of him?"

"I see my left leg that ends in a stump. For now, it ends in a leg and is simply wrong. "His right knee is moving further away from each other." I know that some people, I'm sure most of you think that would be disabled. I see myself more as the way it should be. "

Rubbed his chin and adapts to the saddle. "Hmmm."

"If you ask me to have my breasts enlarged or made smaller, which could be turned off? No, I'm just asking that my body has been slightly modified. Do not you understand?"

"Well Mrs. Cranston, I'm not sure that I will be able to help you. Perhaps if you return in a year and still want, we can talk more. "

Erica formation of tears in her eyes and a sadness covering his face. "Why not now?"

"Because it can not be undone. I do not want to cause any harm. "He sits upright always looking under her dress.

She smiled in appreciation. "You do not want to touch me ... is not it?"

"I want to get in less trouble if I amputated leg girl." Smile.

It can be exposed. "Do you know of any other doctor can help to talk?"

He shakes his head and stands. "How did you talk?"

It is down along the skirt thighs. "You are the second. Margaret gave me four names." Margaret e-mail for him.

He makes you read the page, then shakes his head. "I do not know any of them. Are you happy?" It's hands again.

"I've never met in person. He says he is."

"Hey, call me in three months. We'll talk. ... I can not promise what you understand?" He shook hands and left the room.


The night is your favorite time to write. Dressed in only a cleansing of body and Wifebeater black boy-cut panties, Erica made another entry in his diary. She drinks a glass of merlot in the process. The bottle is almost empty now.

Friday - I met another doctor. Same fate. Same answer. I am more depressed than before. It is making life more difficult, if not better. What do I do?

It returns and the timing is largely scrawl a week later. Three hours, Dr. Marks. Is it different from the reflection on the tile floor and his head back and let the wine in the neck of the bottle. She found the bottle hard. "NO!" she screams out loud while watching the new crutches resting against the wall.

"Hello?" it in anger, insults on the phone after the third ring.

"I catch up at a bad time?"

"Joanne No, not really. I am a very bad time. Too many of them these days. After a few drinks to make things easier." Erica begins to laugh and another drink. Before any field in the glass, then stop for a drink bottle.

"Can I help you?"

"Not unless you know a. ..." Erica stops himself before finishing the sentence. This drink from the bottle again.

"Know what ...?"

"No, I'm fine. I guess I have to do certain things before going to bed." By clicking the button and hear the tone.

The phone rings again. "Do not hang up!" Joanne said instantly. "Tell me. What is it? "

"It's something we can not talk. I never could. "

"I am more to come. Give me fifteen minutes. "

"No!" Erica cries in the ring. "Fuck," she groaned as he puts the phone.

The door closes and Joanne suddenly wrapped his arm around Erica. "Honey. What's wrong?" She kisses his cheek and rubbing his hands the small of his back trying to console her. She listens to the silent tears. Erica has not left, but remains strongly pressed against his friend.

Erica finally pulls away. "I will not talk about that. Not now, not ever."

"It is not good to keep that inside." Joanne Erica pulled his hand until they are seated side by side on the sofa.

"Sorry, my darkest secrets. We can not ...."

"Shhh," Joanne whistling a finger on his lips. "Listen." Shakes his head twice, and resting his hands on his knees and looks in silence for one minute. "I was born a child." Her voice is calm. "It has been ten years since I had surgery to correct this problem." She laughs and looks at Erica. "I do not tell anyone. It is not your business. I think you need to know if you can tell me about his problem."

Joanne Erica looks in silence for a while. "Thank you for sharing with me. I understand. I never knew."

Joanne Erica takes her hand in his. Erica She smiles and gives a small kiss on the lips and rear seat in place.

"The woman on crutches that day ...." Erica takes her hand back and leans against the arm of the sofa. He runs his fingers, but her hair a few times and then launched into a long ponytail until it has been through fluffing his shoulders. Joanne watches silently, knowing Erica talk when ready. "I want to be like her."


"I always felt that way, a sort of feeling as if you were in the wrong body. Of course there are differences. It is not a good analogy, I know. Do not paint the image of right well. "

"So, are there to help the doctors?"

"You've got me. I have been abroad for a woman who claims to have had the leg amputated. She sent me a list of doctors. To this day, I saw some, all, without success. Hell, I even I offered my body with them. "Erica laughed. "Oh, they looked good. No hit." She laughs again, this time playing with her hair. "Pensamiento guys would do anything for some pussy." She shakes her head and is a backup copy.

Joanne runs on the cushion, leaving a foot under the other thigh as she confronts Erica. "When I was in therapy before my surgery, I ... um, um, heard that a person should not only be a woman, but his leg was amputated. I said it was all I could talk. "

"It has never been turned off?"

"Yes ..." Unless the story. "

"Why not mention that this day has seen a woman with one leg?"

"I did not know how important it was for you ... and I did not have to explain things, you know, kind of my therapy and surgery. "

Erica spoke quickly and enthusiastically. "Tell me how to find it. Do you know how can I contact her? "

"I'm sure he wrote in my journal ... to keep a journal, I can not promise anything, but I'll try to find a way to communicate with her. She lived on the east side of the city never ... I met her, but I think I can find someone who knew her.

Erica staples both hands on his chest and breath. "Oh God, that would be great."

"Hey, anything for my best friend."

Joanne looks closer, lips, flat on the lips of Erica. Hot cross the skin breathe. Small distances begin to disappear. Languages slide, although the lips moist. The kiss continues as the face of better access.


"Erica? Is Jade. Joanne told me."

"The amputee?"

"Yes, that one." Erica laughter fills the ear for a moment. "I understand that we share something." She laughs. "We need to meet and talk."

"Name once. Now?" Now is the time to laugh at Erica.

The tone of voice and replaced Erica Jade is quick to point to further chaos in the living room. "Fifteen minutes," she pants throw pillows in the corner of the sofa.


Jade crutches despite the room to the kitchen behind Erica. "You want a drink, maybe a little wine?" Erica Jade demand. She stops and looks at Jade. "Ah-h, which Drawls.

"What? Snot hanging from my nose?" It cleans and laugh in the face.

"No, no. ... I saw you leave the center of the bank. Wow. Now that I followed and I introduced myself. "

"Me too." She laughs again.

"I have some Merlot. Erica pulls the cork from the bottle and bulk open." Damn, you're good. "It allows the eyes and the look from head to toe and back." I'd like to see so . Betting drive boys wild. " It looks like the right leg, long and suspended at the height if not short skirts for women. Perfect breasts press against the tight blouse, long brown hair fans on his shoulders.

Custom bodies know. "Jade Clinks glass of wine to the holder of Erica." Here is another amputee. "

Erica leans against the counter sipping wine still watching Jade. "Really?"

"If what they want."

"Oh yes, it is. I am amazed at how beautiful you are. "

"Just because a big guy to begin?"

"Well ... uh-huh. You are the second thing I've ever known. I did not know until the other night Joanne. I never imagined. "

"Some are luckier than others. All the world is not practicable, and that dealing in its own way."

"Tell me about her amputation."

"I think it is similar to your story, I felt something was wrong all my life. Finally I found someone and now everything is fine. "She drew the hem of the skirt in place until it is closer to its size. A black string it barely covers. The strain is still short and then stops.


"Oh dear, these days, there are several doctors in the world, I am ready to do what they want."

"In this country?"

"No ... that's what airplanes are for. "She laughs and finishes the wineglass. For more and add them to Erica glass. Erica eyes remain fixed on the stump." Go ahead, touch it. "

"It's the first I've been around."

Jade poses strain. "I want to take. You'll have your own time and before playing with him all the time. Yo. "Erica finger gently against the soft end." Do not hurt me, "says Jade took her hand and presses the friction and the palm flat on the stump. "Is not it divine?" It removes the hand leaving the hand of Erica alone.

Erica head as his hand began to knead like dough. "Did you select the time?"

"Yes." Darling, it feels good, there is one thing that feels better. " She laughs.

"Did you orgasm?"

"Oh son, I always do. Have you seen Joanne pussy? "


Jade began to push against the size. "Want to see?" She continues to push against the piece of fabric that does little to do.

"Surprisingly, yes."

"What is strange? Have you ever been with a woman?"

"No, but I feel connected to you in a way I never expected. Maybe because you're an amputee ... for the same reasons that have to be. "The patch of tissue around the ankle and Erica is the finger nervously stands before the brightness of the folds of the skin." It seems real. "She smiles and presses the edge of its interior.

"It's true, Jade whispers encouraging exploring fingers.

Erica rose in one hand corner at the top of their jeans. She moans approval. Fingers research. Fingers. Excavations in front of one shoulder. His hand pushes the supply of parts. Their cries of lamentation other mirror. All fun. Together they enjoy.

Later, Erica holds a piece of paper that muleta Jade watches throughout the night with his car. Que onda. They promised to meet again. Probably not. Everyone knows they are not.

"Good luck in San Francisco," said Erica as the door closes.


Erica and shook the sleep away. "Wow," she groans aloud to achieve his crutches. Strange dream itself believes that the knowledge which has had a leg for several years. This is a recurring dream. She crutches after the desktop, open the last magazine of the bathroom. Suspension in the front of a large mirror on the counter with two sinks, it raises the crutches resting against the wall. Based in the shower, let the hot water. Once again, she sits and watches his reflection. Cuts his hand and then his stump on his hip.

Robert chaleureux research space beside him in bed. It moves silently into the luxurious carpet of his fingers to see where it is entered. Which is a little on your feet. Starts to become firm. Begins to be rigid.

"See what you want?" tease her and casually play with your finger. "It appears that you do." She laughs.

"How do I feel so happy?"

"Being married to you is particularly beautiful."

"You are a vision."

"Yes, just like me with one leg."

"... He came to the right."

"Well missing arms turning on me. Maybe you could drag on me. Give me a moment and I'll be right back. "She has a long heavy order before closing the door.

Back in bed holding the stump of his left arm that ends several inches above the elbow, where he was. Da prosthetic arm that ends at a metal hook and a light feeling.

Erica slowly crutches bath time watching his stump. "I do not think I ever had my leg ...." It supports the crutches against the wall. "Of course, we never thought someone like you. Someone who wanted to be an amputee." She takes his hand in his stomach and rolled her fingers around his tail. "Hmmm, that buzz." What can we do about it? "

"Well-l-l", Drawls with a smile. "Peut-être vous pouvez me parler doux en mettant autour d'un crochet de ma part de vous."

"Chérie, tu dis des choses les meilleures. Vous avez en face de la climatisation? Rien de tel qu'un rhume ou un crochet à un mamelon, plus au sud." Elle rigole. Beso sus labios hacia abajo. La mano caliente todavía mantiene su hinchada carne. "¿Te gusta esta, ¿no?" Un poco más de besos, cada uno de ellos menor. Sus labios de prensa cerca de sus dedos aún envuelto alrededor de su polla. Se frota en su mejilla como su cara se mueve, se burla, le desea. Ella le escucha gemir, mendigar. Ella sabe que la punta, el buen glándula. Ella resplandores en él. "Mira!" Él de todos modos. Él es. Entra en la boca. Se hace un pequeño pop. Su lengua lame. Ella se relaja a aceptar más. Él gime de nuevo. Apretar sus labios, arrastra hacia el final, deslice hacia abajo. Su mano juega con su pelo. Se ve en su muñón se extiende fuera de su cuerpo. Ella siente la gran cabeza en la parte superior de su garganta. Ella gags un poco. Se pone en marcha. Comienza a verter sucesivamente. Ella traga. Círculo de sus dedos el eje, acariciando, adelantarse él. Ella traga más. Ella golpes. Termina.

Erica mueve sus caderas burlas su rostro. La humedad cubre el coño labios. Su aroma impregna el aire. Páramos que la lengua la mendicidad, exigiendo a su interior. Ella se burla de más lentamente que avanza poco a poco más cerca. Muñón de su brazo coaxes su cadera. Le encanta la presión parcial del brazo, el extremo redondo. Ella gime. "¿Quieres ... ¿no? Inic mí". Su voz es bajo y suave. Ella da pulg Ella gime de nuevo esta vez porque las partes de su gran coño labios con el amplio ancho de su lengua. "Ah-h", le asegura a presionar, mover, el coño contra su boca. "Ah-h", ella gime de nuevo. "Mantener mi tocón". Hace una pausa y no se siente su mano. "Mi tocón!" Ella grita pidiendo su tacto. Su lengua su clítoris películas. Tazas de la mano de su muñón. "Sí!" ella grita y Wiggles contra su barbilla. "¡Oh-h, casi". Ella acaba y entra en la hojas arrugadas.

Ella despierta. Él se ha ido. De la hojas arrugadas de la cama, Erica escucha a la puerta antes de cerrar Robert camina hasta el coche. Él estará de regreso pronto. Su aroma todavía llena sus fosas nasales. Sus dedos se sienten sus cum entre los muslos. Ella dabs la punta de los dedos en sus labios. Ronroneos y ella lo hace de nuevo. "Darling", que susurra en voz alta.

Influir en sus pechos con cada salto al escritorio. Es una sensación que ama. Ella se sienta y voltea las páginas de la revista, uno de los últimos. Una espesa volteando la página paradas. La página con la nota amarilla de Jade se enfrenta a ella. Arrastrar sus dedos a través de cada línea como ella dice recordar esa noche. Un dedo de la otra parte entra en su coño. Otro se une a la primera. Vertiente que aunque la humedad. Ella piensa en esa noche. Que las bombas de la mano. Ella piensa más. Ella crece más húmedas. Ella establece su cara contra la nota. Ella lo besa. El orgasmo comienza. Ella acaba. Ella se sienta todavía en esa noche. Sus ojos abiertos.

Robert Morgan tiene la información. Él está buscando a usted ya tiene el dinero. Creo que harán una maravillosa pareja. Mejor de las suertes. Jade.


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